Expert Insights from Program Leaders
Dec. 24, 2021

Season 1: It's a Wrap

When we first started out with this idea to start a podcast to support the transparency of the application process for pre-PA students, we never thought it would turn into what it has evolved to be. We've been so fortunate to count on so many friends and colleagues to share their insights and specific details of their path to becoming a PA or their recommendations to be a strong candidate for their programs. The PA profession is by nature generous, and this has proven to be true in the level of experts that have agreed to share their stories. Stephane and I are grateful for their passion and interest in leveling the playing field for ALL applicants.

We're also very grateful to our listeners. We just surpassed 5,000 downloads with our last episode of the first season and that is completely unexpected so thank you! We are looking forward to bringing you more information about all of the PA programs including those outside of the United States. There is much to learn from our colleagues in other countries so stay tuned to learn more. In the meantime, we invite your suggestions for future episodes. You can always reach out on social media (our channels are listed on the website) as well as email us directly through our website. You may also leave a voicemail from the button in the lower right hand corner of your screen on our home page so please let us know how we're doing and how we can make it more impactful to you?

Finally, teamwork makes the dream work so I know I speak for Stephane in this. We are fortunate to have a shared vision for this podcast and while we are both navigating life as program directors, we are also going to continue this experiment for another year so keep an eye out for Season 2: Episode 1 on Valentine's Day. Until then, enjoy the break and check out our colleagues on other PA related podcasts like Airwaves & Educators podcast at: