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Praise and criticism

I am grateful for this resource as I am pursuing my undergraduate degree and intend to eventually apply to PA school. I have listened to every episode and have found some great information on many aspects of the PA educational and career path. One piece criticism that I intend to be constructive is that much more time is spent discussing PA educator topics than practical topics that can help prospective PA candidates. I would request and suggest that less time be spent discussing topics only relevant to educators, and instead that more time be spent on how prospective PA students can prepare for PA school. Also, I would love to learn more about the different PA career paths that exist after graduation and how ones desired career path might affect school choice or whether or not one might pursue a post-graduate residency. Thanks for putting all of this information out in an easily accessible format. It is a true service to those who are pursuing this career. Can’t wait for the next episode!

Binge Listening

Your podcast has been a must listen for me. I’m binge listening…(is that a thing?)…your work

Bill Kohlhepp

What a treat to hear your conversation with Stephane and Kevin. As ever, I am inspired and encouraged by your work and perspective, and grateful for your continued contributions to the success of PA students and educators.

University of Colorado

I listened this morning and learned a lot. Thanks for this work.

Wake Forest School of Medicine

I listened on my way to work. Outstanding conversation which gave me pause for thought in how I can bring these lessons to our program. Nice work.

Rutgers University

If you're curious about the PA profession, Matt McQuillen's journey is awesome, as is his love for the humanities in medical education.


I used the same word when talking to a fellow PA about Dr. Morton-Rias and your podcast...trailblazer! Fully appreciate the difficult position she is in, really appreciated her giving some time to the pod. Enjoying the episode so far.


I'm humbled to play a small part in this effort by Dr. Kevin Lohenry (@lohenryUSCPA) to create a free resource for #PrePA students to learn more about the profession by highlighting PA programs and interviewing the leaders of our profession. Give it a listen & spread the word!