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Feb. 12, 2022

Season 2: Preview

When we started the PA Path Podcast in July of 2021 we never anticipated this would expand so quickly, but we are incredibly grateful that we've seen over 6600 downloads of our episodes to date. Stephane and I hope to continue to highlight our colleagues around the country including the outstanding PA educational programs that continue to shine, but we are starting this season by putting a spotlight on the international growth of the profession. We will highlight Canada, Germany, Great Britain, Ireland, and the Netherlands before we begin to shift gears and showcase a few roles PAs have taken in clinical leadership. We will continue to showcase programs but thought this was a good time to share the broader impact of our profession internationally. We also want to take this time to thank the University of Southern California for their support in Season 1. We would not have been able to get the podcast off the ground without their support and we are grateful for their culture that allows for innovation. We are also thankful for Creighton University as well. 

This next season will be coming from Tucson, Arizona with the support of the University of Arizona. The University of Arizona has been a leader in medical education and will now be developing a new PA program. They signed up for the package deal in that they will start a new program and gain a new podcast at the same time. We'll update our audience about both the Creighton and University of Arizona developing programs as we have news to share.

Finally, thank you for giving us your time. We hope to hear more from our listeners as we continue to explore the world of our PA profession. You are always welcome to share insights through our website by clicking on the comment box at the lower right hand corner: